In 1994, one day in the dark room, I accidentally sandwiched two negatives, one of which was a negative of a subway station and the other was the sky, and then printed them on the same photo paper. The result looked amazing to me and encouraged me to do more. After I finished the series of pictures of subways stations combined with sky and water, my creative energy expanded to all of New York City. I ran around the city and shot various monuments and combined them with natural objects such as clouds and water in the dark room. Since computer generated art was not yet popular at that time, I had to do all the process manually in order to create seamlessly blended images.





This was my first experiment with a pinhole camera. The camera was created from my 35 mm SLR camera and its lens cap with a tiny hole drilled on it. I shot these images at the corner of 42nd Street and 5th avenue on a bright sunny afternoon. In the images, you can find a presence of skyscrapers.