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August 31 - Sept. 28 1995, premiere at he American Theater of Actors, New York City


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Midori is a 30-year old Japanese woman who has been living in New York for three years. She is career-minded woman, recently completed her MBA, and is working hard toward achieving her goals. A liberated woman she shares her two-bedroom apartment on the Upper West Side with Jeff and Steve, a gay couple. She does not believe in conventional marriage. One day her parents suddenly arrive from Japan for a visit. They strongly oppose her way of life and urge her to return to Japan with them. They are upset with her lifestyle, her apartment, her work, the people she knows and the climate in New York City. Her mother insists that Midori get married and have children as soon as possible and shows Midori pictures of eligible Japanese bachelors at every opportunity. In an effort to placate her mother, Midori asks Jeff, one of her gay roommates to pretend that he is her fiancé with plans for marriage. Since he owes several months back rent, he does not need much convincing and agrees to go along with her plan.

At first her parents are surprised, noting Jeff’s long hair and pierced ears with earrings but they are so anxious for Midori to be settled down, they approve of him as their future son-in-law and immediately begin preparations for a celebration of the engagement. During the celebration, they all exchange glasses of champagne, sing songs and take turns dancing. In the middle of this, Steve, Jeff's real partner, returns home and soon realizes that something is very wrong. Jeff tries to pretend that Steve is just a friend but Steve gets angry and rushes out. Jeff follows. Midori's parents are puzzled and can't figure out what's going on. Midori's father, who has a weak heart, gets tired and falls asleep on the couch and is later taken to his hotel room by a limousine service. Meanwhile, Midori's mother begins thoroughly cleaning the apartment from kitchen to toilet bowl. When Jeff returns, Midori finds she is unable to keep up the pretense any longer and tells her mother the truth. To her surprise her mother claims she knew the situation all along and tells Midori that now she can accept her way of life in New York.


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